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      加盟支持BRANND & JOIN






      Promotion And Regional Support
      Unity Of Marketing Price, Perfect For Regional Control, To Ensure That The Brand Image Of The Outushi In Germany And Various Dealers In The Sales Regions Do Not Overlap, Protect Customers Of The Sales Profits. Meanwhile, We Continue To Extend The Brand’s Life Cycle, So That All Partners Have Access To Maximize Profits And Most Long-term Growth.

      Letter Of Support For Information And Publicity
      Provides Enterprise Pictures, Product Manuals, Investment Manual, Store Operating Instructions, Marketing Guide Book, Bag, Color Cards, Sample Books, Pamphlets, Posters, Flags And Other Small Hanging Items Product Information Kits, And Newspaper Print Ads, Shop, Shop Shop, Signs, Light Boxes, Vertical Boxes, Pop Full Set Of Graphic Design And Production Program.

      Training And Control Support
      Fully Consistent With The Market To Provide Purchasing Guide, Clerk, District Extension Workers, Technical Service Personnel And Other Related Marketing Services To The Professional Knowledge And Work Skills Training, At The Same Time Sales Of Network Construction, Surveillance For Development, Production And Terminal Display Materials Distribution, Control And Store System Maintenance And So On.

      Expansion Support
      For The Establishment Of Distribution Network, Decoration Companies, Residential Advertisements That Promote Building Materials Supermarket Of Joining, Painter Ranks Of Management Sales Qudao, Gong Si Will Make Use Of Ren Cai, Brand To Assist Customers Depth Research And Analysis To Help Develop And A Single Mode Of Operation And Policies Of The Market A Full Range Of Market Expansion Program And The Organization Of Operation Of The Sharing Of Experience.

      Brand And Marketing Support
      Organize A Regular Basis In Various Regions Of Various Promotional Activities And Distribution Of Publicity Materials For A Strong Painter Special Promotions, And In Different Forms From Time To Time To Carry Out Special Promotions, The German Outushi Paint Become The Public And The Media Attention Focus, To Further Enhance Brand Awareness, Reputation, Guide Consumption Trends, To Ensure That The Interests Of Customers.